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About Arian Home Care

Arian Homecare Has Been Serving In Canada

We are a small local family business providing non-medical care and assistance to seniors, children, and special needs individuals. Our team consists of infinite compassion, respect, love, and support. The quality of care that we provide for your loved ones is just the same with our own family by going beyond given responsibilities for a consistent smile and satisfaction of you and your family.

At Arian Homecare, relationship and building a unique bond is key to increase comfort in our work together. Our clients will be receiving a dedicated care provider as their support worker which they can communicate with directly on their needs.

We aspire to make things happen for our clients. We are not a large corporate with a strict system, therefore we can be flexible to work with different budget and service needs to accomplish what works best for our clients. Contact us at 778-927-1348 for a free consultation on how we fulfill the support you need.

Kamelia Aria

Client Care Manager, Owner
+1 877-207-9414

Kimia Jarrahian

Project & Operations Manager, Owner
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Our Services

Senior And Special Needs Care

Companionship & Social Support

Sometimes Having a friend to watch TV with or go on a walk to the park to chit-chat is all that’s needed. Your care providers will
become that friend to accompany and assist you with daily hobbies that you like.

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Personal Hygiene

Toileting, showering, hair care, etc. is a crucial routine in feeling ready for the day. Your caregiver will provide support, hold you for balance or fully assist you with all your hygiene needs.

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Live-in Care Provider

24/7 care might be best for your unique condition. The care provider will live at your home. Will be supporting you with all tasks related to yourself and your home.
Typically, the cost for a live-in care provider is less if you need 80+ hours of support bi-weekly. *It varies per scenario, call us for a free consultation to discuss what works best for you.

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Critical Illness Care (Stroke, Alzheimer’s, Paralysis, etc.)

Our team dedicated to this department of our services are highly qualified and experienced with different unique critical
illness care. Such conditions require
thorough care with high level of knowledge to ensure we can provide accurate form
of service.

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Shopping and Appointment Transport

Your care provider can take you to all your doctor, hair, nail, etc. appointments. You can provide the ride, or we can provide you with
a care agent that can drive you to get your daily chores done. They can take you to grocery/clothing shopping or you can provide them with a list and budget, and
they can get the shopping started for you.

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Special Needs Care

Individuals with special needs deserve if not same but a much better quality of life as everyone else. In this department of our services, it is important that the care provider that supports you has the right knowledge and experience and are specialized in that unique condition.

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Our Services

Child Care

After School

Children are often excited to talk about their accomplishments. With a busy lifestyle, it gets hard for parents to always match their energy or have the availability to do so. Our care providers will encourage their passion, support them through after school activities, homework, and prepare their evening snack or dinner.

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After first year of mothers spending time with their child, return to an everyday busy lifestyle comes to a start. We can provide service from early morning to evening any day. Our daily activities consist of play time, nap time, feeding, reading or your own unique schedule for your child during the day.

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Mother infant support

Bringing life to the world is never easy. Caring every day for your new baby all on your own can be even harder. Infant care requires knowledge and experience. Our nannies have years of previous work that can support with the appropriate care you and your baby need. Such as: Support showering baby, feeding, meal prep, laundry for the baby, and most importantly, rest time for the mother.

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Summertime childcare:

Schools are closed during the longest days of the year, but your work schedule does not stop. Our Nannies can assist you with your child of age 12 and under during your work shifts. Our everyday can be filled with different indoor and outdoor activities, no need to worry about their food or their safety. This way they don’t get bored, and you are not overwhelmed by their high level of energy.

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Our Services

Other Services

Home Cleaning Maintenance

We are happy to provide this service to anyone. You have a busy lifestyle and cannot catch up with cleaning your home? Our professional team can help you with light cleaning of your house such as your bathroom, kitchen, laundry, shopping, etc. We can use your own cleaning product or provide our own.
*This service is included in all senior, special needs care services.

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Post-Surgery Care

You may need someone to just keep an eye on you after a big surgery day. Your care provider can take you to the hospital, pick you up from there, and stay the night or a few at your home to assist you with everything you need through your recovery.

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Post Incident Care

Incidents at work, in a car, as a pedestrian or any other way are never pleasant nor avoidable. Your recovery can vary from an emotional impact to physical injuries. It is important to take it easy and increase the care for yourself. A caregiver to clean your home, prepare your food, and fill up your fridge as well as any other personal assisted care can make things easier for you in this process. *ICBC claims can be covered by Arian Homecare, contact us to see if it applies to you.

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Our Services


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Happy Clients. True Testimonials

Pervis Fazal

Arian Home Care has been a caregiver companion for my mum for the past year. They are very compassionate and devoted, treats my mum as she would her mother...

Mrs. Nasrin

Rain or shine she has never missed a days service. She is punctual and never rushes.

Mrs. Hashimi Family

I ‘d highly recommend their services to anyone who wishes to hire them.

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